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3 new C-23 : Vertonen, i’d m thfft able, Echo Beds



From l to r :

SADE209 - VERTONEN - TACENDA - C-23 (Chicago’s Vertonen need no introduction. On this contribution to the C23 series, Vertonen is more in the ambient/drone spectrum with a special toutch that marks the wizardry of the Vertonen…

SADE208 - i’d m thfft able - I SUCK AM THE EYE SUCK IN THE SKY SUCK - C-23 (Maine’s master of… mmm, how to describe this… mmmmm…)

SADE206 - ECHO BEDS - CINDER PRISONS - C-23 (Raw dystopic punkish industrial noise from Denver.)

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SADE205 - DEVELOPER - - C23 (I love Mathew Reis’ work for years and like good alchool, I guess his shit goes better and better. I loved Teeth Collection a lot, but I guess Developer is just one zillion steps forward… Developer is one hell of a crazy beast, one distinctive aural animal. This crazy blend of harsh metallic manipulation and cut up sounds are blended in such a wonderful way and this release is no exception to the impressive catalogue of mr Reis… Sweet stuff that only can come from Ohio…)

SADE204 - CHARLES BARABÉ - Lieu - C23 (I always wondered why no experimental underground artists from Victoriaville, Quebec, ever emerged with force as this small city in the middle of Quebec is the host of one of the most know experimental music festival for decades. That was until I received a package from Charles Barabé’s insane label La Cohu some years ago, that started my love for this killer label with mostly Barabé’s great recordings. On his solo works, Barabé uses his synthesizer going from straight loud manipulation to more new agey sounds. On Lieu, Barabé delivers a more noisy recording, maybe to fit with the KVLT, but with his own way to perform with his machine… That’s the Victo Style…)

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The Kingston Family Singers/Breakdancing Ronald Reagan update

2 new KVLT Offerings


SADE 202 - THE KINGSTON FAMILY SINGERS - Alert, Nunavut - C-23 (I guess it was about time that St-Louis’ own strange duo release something on Brise-Cul and for this long due meeting, they submitted one heck of a killer release. On this release, the infernal midwest dogs take on the northern influence on a very cold slab of hypothermic eletronics that Brise-Cul regulars will be familiar with. So, expect a solid delivery of KVLT ambiance for your daily celebration of nordic frost… you won’t believe that people from south of the border can deliver that kind of cold Northern Canada-inspired sounds)

SADE 203 - BREAKDANCING RONALD REAGAN - Mistrust is the Tyranny of the individual - C23 - (I was very surprised by Austin’s BRR when I played with him last spring in Denver. In times where all noise people got new age or cold wave with their sad mop, BRR arrives with a crazy chunk of super fast harsh noise with an out of control attitude that makes think it comes from another time. When I told Jonathan that I was pretty impressed by a sound coming from a different era, like the when japanese invaded the world with their harsh noise and americans tried to replicate to this aggression, the only comment was “that’s because it’s the shit I love”. So if you missed super fast harsh hyperactive cut-up noise without pompous seriousness, well…”

7$ Canada/8$ World PPD

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Diablo/Wapstan Split C40 - Orgone

I’m really proud to announce the release of a long planned split release of Wapstan with Bob Bellerue’s Diablo project. The idea of a split release themed about Orgone came around 2011 when Bob came to Montréal and played Brise-Cul’s 10th anniversary gig with his infamous band KILT, but here it is… On his part, Diablo delivers a lenghty sonic tonic experiment composition named “Orgone Waves” and Wapstan delivers a 4 part composition featuring loops, tape collage and heavy concrete noise in the pure tradition of the Nordic Noise named “Orgone Of The North”. Dubbed in a generously high level this lovely tape, the result is a very strong meeting that will please every Wilhelm Reich noise fans…

7$ Canada - 8$ World PPD
Will be availlable digitally on Bandcamp in the next week!


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Wapstan T-Shirts

It’s been a while since there has been Wapstan T-shirt,, so here are some very cold Wapstan t-shirts to show the world your support to the KVLT 667 cause! This is the actual desing of the upcoming “Confins” CD on LiveEarthMusic. They are availlable in S, M, L as well as a couple of XL. Act fast because they might disappear faster than an icecap protected by the Canadian Government…


20$ PPD Can/ 22$ PPD USA/ 25$ PPD restoftheworld

12$ in person (I’ll get some at Milwaukee Noise Fest as well as at the show with Red Armband in Montréal)

The numbers are kinda limited, so you should e-mail me at to confirm the availability of the desired size!


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3 New C-23 on Brise-Cul : R. Ramirez, PCRV, A. Brandal

Here’s 3 new installments in our C-23 tape series :


SADE 196 - RICHARD RAMIREZ - GAGHOLE - C23 (I’ve been a big fan of Houston noise veteran Richard Ramirez since I’ve been into noise in the 20th century. His uncompromised type of noise always impressed me by it’s “love it or leave it” attitude that drew legions of fans with years and proved that it is the way do noise. So, if you about the works of Ramirez, you know what you might expect on this C-23, uncompromising minimal junk manipulation at very high level and nothing more. Nothing… The way it should be…)

SADE 197 - ANDREAS BRANDAL - THE BOOK OF GATES - C-23 (Norway’s Andreas Brandan has created one of the most interesting corpus of dense atmospheric sounds around. His works manage to deliver a good part of bleak atmosphere and heaviness, something very few can truly dose well. On this contribution to the C-23 series, Brandal produced a composition in 4 pieces of strong dark electronic sounds with some cold rhythmic object manipulations. Cold grim sounds from the North the way only Northmen can do…)

SADE 198 - PCRV - BARRAGE - C-23 (Montana’s PCRV is one of the earlier collaborator on Brise-Cul (our first release with him was the 40 Watt Womb CDR, SADE 013 in 2003) and is still one of my favorite noisemaker and good personal buddy. So it’s just was just a normal to me to add him the C-23 series. On this release, PCRV provides something very different from what he has done in the past as well as still doing his trademark sound. The release consist a very smart dose of digital noise, a genre of noise that is snobbed by many due to the potential suckiness of, but as PCRV is one hell of a great sound manipulator, he managed to deliver 2 fast, dense and loud composition that shows us a good lesson in noise, that digital noise can be a truly interesting genre… Reminds me also of the work of another great Montana digital noiser, DCLXVI and late Thirdorgan releases…)

5$ each + postage (Canada : 2$/tape, World : 3$/tape)

GET all 3 for 15$ PPD World until the end of March…

Samplings at

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November update : New Infirmary and Vomir C-23

Here’s 2 very KVLT tapes from two great artists I want to releases for years :


SADE 194 - INFIRMARY - THE MYSTICAL LECTURE - C-23 (I’m a big fan of Chicago’s Infirmary for years and it’s an honour to have one of the fierest sounding harsh noise artist in the USA on the C-23 collection, even more considering the very intense recording this is. The material for this Infirmary tape was recorded back n 2008 and consist of a more dynamic approach than his usual static sound. This is the sound of Infirmary we love in a very unusual way to deliver harsh noise. In the middle of screams under the harsh electronics and metal d

SADE 195 - VOMIR - RELATION CONTRACTÉE - C-23 (I guess having Vomir on Brise-Cul’s C-23 collection was just a matter of time, but here it is. I think southern France’s own Vomir is one of the most interesting artist in the current noise scene by his approach, his style and his extreme workhorse-like devotion. And seeing the number of people who badly tries to imitate the style of this leader of the Euro-HNW style just proves he’s one of a kind. On this tape, Vomir goes on the very hyper sonic harsh spectrum of his trademark style (that is, in the end, very versatile). So you know the deal…)

Some samples at : … ember-2012

5$ each + postage (Canada : 2$/tape, World : 3$/tape)

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September 2012 KVLT batch

Hey, here’s 5 new KVLT C-23 tapes… Expect some heavy stuff…



SK8 005 - Selfish Implosions - A Vulgar Display of Power
(Recordings of the 2 first shows in ages by Montréal’s infamous power electronics duo Selfish Implosions. Both sets contain old songs, new songs and KVLT anthems. Includes that legendary set in july 2012 that was stopped by a thunderstorm while playing the classic track “Radical”. xSxIx’s fans will celebrate for sure the return of this Montréal bomb…)

SADE 190 - Being - Mature Fantasy
(Among my favorite acts in the last years, Being is on the top of my list. I wanted to release a Being for ages and here is is. Pure harsh metal fucking noise the way we all like it… You know what to expect on this tape, a pure massive dose of Midwest style junk harsh noise.)

SADE 191 - Å - Néant hors du vide
(Å spent a month last year living a couple of streets from mine in Montréal. So I spent a lot of time hanging out with him, that culminating with an exclusive for North America demonstration of his pure euro-style HNW live that blew every MTL noise dudes away. So as another chapter to this friendship, Å bring the noise to the Brise-Cul C-23 series. On this tape, he performs 2 denses euro-style HNW tracks the way it should be played, you know, in a pure nihilistic harsh manner.)

SADE 192 - 886VG & Scant Intone - 11.11.11
(My bro Scant Intone spent a couple of weeks in South America last year to perform a couple of gigs. This is an edited for the C-23 format recording of a live collaboration with Chile’s 886VG. This is a bleak metal banging set with a crazy cavernous vibe.)

SADE 193 - +DOG+ - Creature Comforts
(+DOG+ is one curious beast, say creature… That californian collective group delivers noise the californian way, strong analogue homemade electronics, powerful vocals, loud vibes… This tape is no exception, expect 4 killers California-style analogue noise tracks the way we all love it performed by one of the forerunners of this scene.)

5$ each + postage (Canada : 2$/tape, World : 3$/tape)

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Here’s 5 new C-23’s featuring some of my very favorite live as well as recordings artists on tapes!!!


SADE185 - Wapstan - À La Défense du Nord - C-23 - (Taking up the axe, Wapstan is resdy to defend its beloved North until the last mecreant of the South lives… Two slab of axe concrete noise in the Wapstan style of hypothermic drone tradition in a way never explored… Cold, sharp and loud…)

SADE186 - CHEFKIRK - der blundershloomph - C-23 - (For probably a decade, I’m a big fan of CHEFKIRK and what I love about this killer project is that with time, his very minimal electronic manipulations are better and better. On this recording (fourth on Brise-Cul), CHEFKIRK delivers 2 pieces of very sharp no-input mixer manipulation with a very professional level.)

SADE187 - Wapstan - Avalanche - C-23 - (On this very limited release specially made for the Denver Noise Fest, Wapstan delivers two loud slab of oscillators based cold electronics dedicated to Colorado’s Avalanches… You know…)
(Availlable only at Denver Noise Fest or if you order the 4 tapes before April 11th)

SADE188 - Grkzgl/Flatgrey split - C-23 - (At some point, I looked at the sky and the moon told me that if ou tell Grkzgl and Flatgrey to do a split, they might do it! So here it is, two of the most intense noise crafter in Canada united in a cassette. The two side, although different, each consist of a great noise composition from two artists who can create noise with a sense of composition very few has. In clear, if you love noise at his best, you know these 2 acts and you know you need this…)

SADE189 - Vast Glory - Ontario - C-23 - (Among the very well kept secret of noise in Canada, Vast Glory is THE most well kept. This south Ontario artist perform one of te most sharp form on noise that includes crystal clear sounds and powerful progressive atmosphere. If you think Ontario sucks, here’s a good to like something named Ontario.)

5 each + Postage, click on Catalogue

No Trades (uness in person, like at Denver Noise Fest)

SPECIAL UNTIL April 11th, order all 4 availlable and get a copy of Wapstan,s Avalanche, after that, you won’t be able to get a copy of this one…


Hey, let’s celebrate the comming of WINTER with 4 new releases on the now decade old Brise-Cul Records…


SADE 184 - WAPSTAN - c.r.a.i.n.t.e.s. - 3″ CDR (On this new chapter, Wapstan experiment with oscillators to create a dense release of unralenting haunted noise. More constructed than most recent Wapstan releases, this release is a kind of tribute to some of my personnal faves that helped forged my noise tastes with the common hypothermic treatment…)

5$ PPD, free with orders… Free download soon availlable…


SADE 183 - A SNAKE IN THE GARDEN - Paralysis and Leaving The Body - c23 tape (On this new PÜR KVLT tape, A Snake In The Garden delivers 2 great slab of sharp metal manipulations with a surgeon approach. The result is a very intense release of pure metallic chaps with very few effects. ASITG is among my favourite project and having such a quality release on the PÜR KVLT series is an honour…)


SADE 182 - MINIBLOC - s/t - C40 tape (Among Montréal’s finest and most well kept secret in experimental music, there is Minibloc. Comprised of two electro-accoustic deviants, Minibloc creates sounds from many varied sources in a unique way that is appart from the snob ethic of institutional artists and the seriousness of wannabe artists. On this release comprised of 2 live recordings, Minibloc presents 2 different aspects of their personnality. One louder and direct and one more minimal and quiet. The result is avery great document of one of the most interesting act in Montréal…)


SADE 178 - NAME YOUR POISON - demo - C23 (On this new addition to the PÜR KVLT series, here’s my best friend’s hardcore band. Name Your Poison is a direct NYHC-influenced hardcore from Saguenay in Northern Quebec. Expect a simple hardcore à la Agnostic Front with a “Fuck You” attitude. Here’s the deal : 5 songs, 5 minutes, 8 minutes of silence… This recording is particulary overbassed, you’ve been warned…)