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YEAH, to celebrate winter!!!

SADE 111 - WAPSTAN/REI REA - split 2 - CDR (Second split between Côte-Des-Neiges’ reigning lord of coldnes and Longueuil’s underground industrial king. Wapstan’s part is a direct cold atmosphere trademark’s sound recorded in the way Wapstan’s previous project Foutredieu!!! was mastered and recorded in order to expend your hypothermic experience. Rei Rea’s part was recorded a little while ago and is a strong bleak vision of what is a suburban life. If you heard the first split on Rei Rea’s Crater Records, this is a totally different mood but still the same hyperactive loud protagonists…)

SADE 112 - THAMES - XIII - CDR (The Moskos/Hargreaves duo is for sure one of Montréal’s best underground export. We discussed about it for a while and here it is, after a solo release by each member of the duo, Brise-Cul is proud to present you Thames XIII, the final installment of a long long advrenture that started with a boxed set of 5 CDR and that also feature many live releases and some mix tapes and crazy jams. What a great way to close this with a monumental jam of analogue instrumentation with the perfection and mastery that the duo have proven in the past (yeah just writing this, how many killer memories of insane shows come to mind). The band’s not dead, it’s just that unlike Danzig they decided to stop somewhere…  “I was born to bring trouble wherever i’m at, with the number ‘13′ tattooed on my neck. That ink starts to itch, black gon’ turn to red…”)

SADE 113 - KANIN KRUSETE - Black Bile - 3″ (Harsh and pissed Power Electronics/loud ambient from Lowell, Massachusetts. I think of all the stuff I heard recently, this is one of the very very few that impressed me, so impressive that it really deserved a release on Brise-Cul. You know, this is one of the releases that have an urgent need to punch you in the face, you’ve been warned!!!)

SADE 115 - DIAGRAM A - S/T - CDR (Do you remember the first time you saw Diagram A live? I bet because it’s one thing noibody can forget… I think very few people in the noise scene deserve the term unique than this criminally underrated noise king. On this piece of plastic, you can hear a good half hour of Providence’s best electronician with a brand new console he buiuld out of switches, knobs, metal, junk… You know… What made me laugh last time I stayed at Dan’s place it was that he washappy to mention that he lives close to a Radio Shack. That’s seriously a good neighbour to have when your Diagram A. Well, do I have to mention that this is a kind of essential release?)

SADE 116 - WOMEN IN TRAGEDY - The End Of Always - CDR (Women in Tragedy I think is a name was spread all along the way since the first time I played with him like 3 years ago… Changes sometimes are in a good way, WIT is now more melodic, more emotionnal but it still has the great sound we love from this leading Toronto Drone/Shoegaze artist… Very very different from our first release, 2006’s Tragic Life, but very similar to his recent stuff but with a very intense emotional personnal vibe… I think Women In Tragedy has now reach a form of maturity that very few will reach and that you felt it was just in an embryonic phase earlier on… On of my favourite release by one of my favourite artist, I think it’s a privilege to have this release on Brise-Cul…)

Also out on Boner Brigade :
SK8 002 - SELFISH IMPLOSIONS - SKATING ST-HENRI - 3″ (Very harsh jam intoxicated in St-Henri’s Neighbourhood of Montréal from the Power Skating grinders, so harsh that the folks at Boner Brigade decided to release it on a limited 3″ just for your pleasure. Many of your favourites sing along are on it as well as new future classics that will be rerecorded soon and some you may not hear anywhere else… A must for all of our fans!)

5$ each plus postage(e-mail or look at our website), you can have the whole batch for 25$ PPD

Most of these titles as well as older titles will be availlable very soon at Cheap Thrills and Atom Heart in Montreal as well as through C3 records in Toronto and through our website…

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