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I.T.F.O.R. was my zine from 1999 to 2003. I stopped doing it due to the lost of the interest in it… But my interest in printed zine always remained…

The idea of making a new issue travelled my head for over a year but the interest in covering music is still not there. This a 100% visual zine with exclusives collages.

The idea is to make an old school zine in the way it always should have been. A 16 pages xerox tribute to 80’s politicians, hardcore punk, thrash metal, contempt for authority, worldwide violence, Montreal Canadiens, everyday life and urbanism…

Word are meaningless in a society constantly dancing around volcanoes…


IN THE FENCE OF REALITY #9 is 3$ ppd or free with Brise-Cul orders, 2$ in person…

BRISE-CUL’s July KVLT New Releases

Summer’s here, get high and listen to these tiltes while waiting for winter…

Out on Brise-Cul Records


SADE 122 - Rei Rea - Quel Que - CDR (Rei Rea is one big ball of pure heavy vitalist energy coming from the bleak suburbs of Montreal. On this second release on Brise-Cul after the split with Wapstan (recorded in 2007, release in late 2008), Rei Rea goes further on the exploration of heavy industrial drones that made this project known for. Rei Rea is now at such a point of maturity that he is playing live and this is a big new break that we can feel on his new sound. That made this already impressive project one step forward in the key names in the Montreal experimental underground


SADE 121 - Disguises - s/t - 2CDR (You were wondering why there was no releases from Disguises on Brise-Cul? Because it had to be a freaking insane release. I’m am very proud to finally announce the release of the biggest puzzle on Brise-Cul after 2 years of waiting. This 2CDR set contain a full CDR of Disguises demolition derby noise rock at its cavernous best and a CDR with 4 members playing their wack solo project. Man Made Hill play weird tape manipualtions and strange percussions while 13 Moons freeze you up with his full bong of distortion and Roman Pilates rolls a big discharge of killer noise. The ending with Kapali Carsi’s 3 insane tracks will end you up if you are not already dead after this 2 CDR full of pure Toronto-style KVLT)


SADE 120 - GRAND NORD - Treize - CDR (13th release of Pure Metal Fuking noise from GRAND NORD)

Out on Boner Brigade :


SK8 003 - Slam Nihil - Pulse Ramp - CDR (First solo release from Selfish Implosions member Slam Nihil. Harsh pre-X-Games unadultrated style synth pulses… Another no pads slab of skate noise on Boner Brigade)