Brise-Cul Records | KVLT 667, the neighbor of the beast

Brise-Cul/BB OKTOBR FRVST update : 2 new KVLT offerings

Hey, here’s a very harsh and evil extreme update with 2 killer releases :

Out on Brise-Cul:

SADE 130 - NEIGE & NOIRCEUR - PHILOSOPHIE DES ARTS OCCULTES - CDR (Brand new recording from this master of dark epic black metal. Going from epic stoic black metal to loud evil ambiance always wrapped in a cold ambiance. Digital version will be available through Alien8. Fans of Paysage d’Hiver, Menace Ruine or maybe some Drudkh should take notes…)

Out on Boner Brigade :
SK8 004 BARON GRIPTAPE - BARON GRIPTAPE IS BACK (Boner Brigade is proud to announce that we had news of Montreal’s legend Baron Griptape. The true master of skate power electronics is back after some problems with society. On this new recording, the Baron goes back to the pure death industrial style he explored in the 90 and exposes his contempt for society. This is PURE HATEFULL ANALOG POWER ELECTRONICS… Watch your skatepark, the baron is back… Come in a bubble enveloppe with press release and bios and an audio document of pure hatred…)

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