Brise-Cul Records | KVLT 667, the neighbor of the beast

KVLT SUMMER UPDATE 2010 - 3 new releases

Summer KVLT offerings :

SADE 152 - SELFISH IMPLOSIONS - RADICAL - C23 - (The return of Montréal’s premier power electronics act after 2 years of hiatus. 5 track, 2 old and 3 new… xSxIx took the aggression further, in a radical way… Leg breakers unites! Limited to 42 - Part of Brise-Cul’s PÜR KVLT series)


SADE 151 - GRAND NORD - QUATORZE - C23 - (First release in one year, first recording in nearly 2… One metal fucking track on one side and one remash of classic material on the other… Limited to 20 - Part of Brise-Cul’s PÜR KVLT series)


SADE 143 - HOBO CUBES - GLASS DREAM FUSION - CDR (I love when new kids emerges and bring a new draft of energy in the scene. Hobo Cubes is one of the new torch bearer of the Montréal experimental underground scene. Also member of Velvet Chrome and running his insanely great label, this project is dirty new school new age with a big solar and tenseful atmsphere Perfect for your summer homicide cleanup… Seriously a name to not forget for the near future…)


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