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Out on Brise-Cul : ÉLÉMENT KUUDA - Flight - C40

Here’s the first of a series on Brise-Cul involving very underrated Montréal acts :

SADE162 - ÉLÉMENT KUUDA - FLIGHT - C-40 (Since the first time I saw him performed with a mountain of tapes many years ago, Élément Kuuda always been one of my fave performer in Montréal. Element Kuuda plays a very special kind of experimental music. His heavy use of analogue recordings and digital structures gives his sounds a very mature and rich sound made from many techniques taken from electronic music’s rich history altogether butwith a primilary use of tapes in different ways. This very rich full lenght tape consist of 2 long sharp compositions that will elevates your soul like a plane in a dream… First edition of 60 tapes)


7$ + postage

You can listen to the release at :