Brise-Cul Records | KVLT 667, the neighbor of the beast


In 2011, Brise-Cul is celebrating its 10 years of endless underground activities… What a good way to start this year of celebration with a long awaitd release :


SADE 166 - PETER J. WOODS/WAPSTAN - split - CDR (In the last years, there are very few artits that I thought were unique and challenging within the current noise scene like Peter J. Woods. . I like the way PJW is playing his own game with his personnal take on intense sound construction, not like all thoses who come only to do it like every other people do. That’s why I invited him to share a piece of plastic with Wapstan. On this release, Woods, is playing a long (for a split part) rollercoaster of sounds that goes from heavy sounds to ambient sounds and everything between while Wapstan performs a long grainy saturated manipulation of winter field recordings featuring some dark guests that complete very well the first player’s part… Although I’m not very objective on this, I may say that this release is a very good fluid meeting and the medium helps it…)