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New On Brise-Cul : Léopard Et Moi - L’Amour de la Nature


SADE 0167 Léopard et Moi - L’amour de la nature - C50 cassette - (Here’s the long awaited release from one of the most well kept secret in Montréal. Léopard et Moi is the all-star band of the La Brique collective. This release was recorded some years ago by Dave Bryant of a very famous Montréal band’s fame and was mastered by well-known master Harris Newman. Lost for a while in La Brique’s Vault, Brise-Cul is very proud to bring it to the world on tape format. This release is very dense warm enthno-prog rock with a very sharp musician execution flying in a cold old-school new age atmosphere. So if you like very adventurous instrumental prog bathing in synth, this will be an instant classic. This is a very anticipated local release that most of the first edition of 50 went sold out on the releasing show… Members also play in very interesting local Montréal acts like Panopticon Eyelids, Les Momies de Parlerme, Littoral, Essaie Pas and tons of others…)

7$ + postage on

Download included and Album will be availlable soon for download on Bandcamp… (sample from this album can be heard there)

Availlable at L’Oblique, Atom Heart and Chap Thrills in Montréal…