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2 New PÜR KVLT Tapes : Wapstan + Roman Pilates

Here’s two PÜR KVLT KOLD KANADIAN TAPES for these warm summer days :


SADE 177 - WAPSTAN - PAYSAGE INCONQUIS - C23 (On Paysage inconquis (unconquered landscape), Wapstan takes its recent sounds explorations into more elevative path. Based on empowered field recordings, this new releases is comprised of two long tracks of unrelenting repetitive stomps of heavy sounds fighting to take over long nordic growls. Wapstan’s typical cold Hypothermic Drones takes a heavier and more old school sound on this… Recorded with tapes and on tapes, no digital retouche, only analogue crunch for your KVLT pleasure)

BTW, this what was played on the recent West Coast tour like on this video (that cuts when it’s getting heavier) :


SADE 155 (PÜR KVLT 005) - ROMAN PILATES - BLADES OF STEEL - C23 (On this series comprised of Pür KVLT sounds, my man Roman Pilates from the beautiful city of Toronto (ex-Disguises leader and main guru of Wintage Records) bring you a mad concoction of noise created in his mad science lab. Crunchy lo-fi tooth gratting noise made with metal fucking and gizmo desecrating. This is pure junk noise!)