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Here’s 5 new C-23’s featuring some of my very favorite live as well as recordings artists on tapes!!!


SADE185 - Wapstan - À La Défense du Nord - C-23 - (Taking up the axe, Wapstan is resdy to defend its beloved North until the last mecreant of the South lives… Two slab of axe concrete noise in the Wapstan style of hypothermic drone tradition in a way never explored… Cold, sharp and loud…)

SADE186 - CHEFKIRK - der blundershloomph - C-23 - (For probably a decade, I’m a big fan of CHEFKIRK and what I love about this killer project is that with time, his very minimal electronic manipulations are better and better. On this recording (fourth on Brise-Cul), CHEFKIRK delivers 2 pieces of very sharp no-input mixer manipulation with a very professional level.)

SADE187 - Wapstan - Avalanche - C-23 - (On this very limited release specially made for the Denver Noise Fest, Wapstan delivers two loud slab of oscillators based cold electronics dedicated to Colorado’s Avalanches… You know…)
(Availlable only at Denver Noise Fest or if you order the 4 tapes before April 11th)

SADE188 - Grkzgl/Flatgrey split - C-23 - (At some point, I looked at the sky and the moon told me that if ou tell Grkzgl and Flatgrey to do a split, they might do it! So here it is, two of the most intense noise crafter in Canada united in a cassette. The two side, although different, each consist of a great noise composition from two artists who can create noise with a sense of composition very few has. In clear, if you love noise at his best, you know these 2 acts and you know you need this…)

SADE189 - Vast Glory - Ontario - C-23 - (Among the very well kept secret of noise in Canada, Vast Glory is THE most well kept. This south Ontario artist perform one of te most sharp form on noise that includes crystal clear sounds and powerful progressive atmosphere. If you think Ontario sucks, here’s a good to like something named Ontario.)

5 each + Postage, click on Catalogue

No Trades (uness in person, like at Denver Noise Fest)

SPECIAL UNTIL April 11th, order all 4 availlable and get a copy of Wapstan,s Avalanche, after that, you won’t be able to get a copy of this one…