Brise-Cul Records | KVLT 667, the neighbor of the beast

September 2012 KVLT batch

Hey, here’s 5 new KVLT C-23 tapes… Expect some heavy stuff…



SK8 005 - Selfish Implosions - A Vulgar Display of Power
(Recordings of the 2 first shows in ages by Montréal’s infamous power electronics duo Selfish Implosions. Both sets contain old songs, new songs and KVLT anthems. Includes that legendary set in july 2012 that was stopped by a thunderstorm while playing the classic track “Radical”. xSxIx’s fans will celebrate for sure the return of this Montréal bomb…)

SADE 190 - Being - Mature Fantasy
(Among my favorite acts in the last years, Being is on the top of my list. I wanted to release a Being for ages and here is is. Pure harsh metal fucking noise the way we all like it… You know what to expect on this tape, a pure massive dose of Midwest style junk harsh noise.)

SADE 191 - Å - Néant hors du vide
(Å spent a month last year living a couple of streets from mine in Montréal. So I spent a lot of time hanging out with him, that culminating with an exclusive for North America demonstration of his pure euro-style HNW live that blew every MTL noise dudes away. So as another chapter to this friendship, Å bring the noise to the Brise-Cul C-23 series. On this tape, he performs 2 denses euro-style HNW tracks the way it should be played, you know, in a pure nihilistic harsh manner.)

SADE 192 - 886VG & Scant Intone - 11.11.11
(My bro Scant Intone spent a couple of weeks in South America last year to perform a couple of gigs. This is an edited for the C-23 format recording of a live collaboration with Chile’s 886VG. This is a bleak metal banging set with a crazy cavernous vibe.)

SADE 193 - +DOG+ - Creature Comforts
(+DOG+ is one curious beast, say creature… That californian collective group delivers noise the californian way, strong analogue homemade electronics, powerful vocals, loud vibes… This tape is no exception, expect 4 killers California-style analogue noise tracks the way we all love it performed by one of the forerunners of this scene.)

5$ each + postage (Canada : 2$/tape, World : 3$/tape)

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