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November update : New Infirmary and Vomir C-23

Here’s 2 very KVLT tapes from two great artists I want to releases for years :


SADE 194 - INFIRMARY - THE MYSTICAL LECTURE - C-23 (I’m a big fan of Chicago’s Infirmary for years and it’s an honour to have one of the fierest sounding harsh noise artist in the USA on the C-23 collection, even more considering the very intense recording this is. The material for this Infirmary tape was recorded back n 2008 and consist of a more dynamic approach than his usual static sound. This is the sound of Infirmary we love in a very unusual way to deliver harsh noise. In the middle of screams under the harsh electronics and metal d

SADE 195 - VOMIR - RELATION CONTRACTÉE - C-23 (I guess having Vomir on Brise-Cul’s C-23 collection was just a matter of time, but here it is. I think southern France’s own Vomir is one of the most interesting artist in the current noise scene by his approach, his style and his extreme workhorse-like devotion. And seeing the number of people who badly tries to imitate the style of this leader of the Euro-HNW style just proves he’s one of a kind. On this tape, Vomir goes on the very hyper sonic harsh spectrum of his trademark style (that is, in the end, very versatile). So you know the deal…)

Some samples at : … ember-2012

5$ each + postage (Canada : 2$/tape, World : 3$/tape)

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