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The Kingston Family Singers/Breakdancing Ronald Reagan update

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SADE 202 - THE KINGSTON FAMILY SINGERS - Alert, Nunavut - C-23 (I guess it was about time that St-Louis’ own strange duo release something on Brise-Cul and for this long due meeting, they submitted one heck of a killer release. On this release, the infernal midwest dogs take on the northern influence on a very cold slab of hypothermic eletronics that Brise-Cul regulars will be familiar with. So, expect a solid delivery of KVLT ambiance for your daily celebration of nordic frost… you won’t believe that people from south of the border can deliver that kind of cold Northern Canada-inspired sounds)

SADE 203 - BREAKDANCING RONALD REAGAN - Mistrust is the Tyranny of the individual - C23 - (I was very surprised by Austin’s BRR when I played with him last spring in Denver. In times where all noise people got new age or cold wave with their sad mop, BRR arrives with a crazy chunk of super fast harsh noise with an out of control attitude that makes think it comes from another time. When I told Jonathan that I was pretty impressed by a sound coming from a different era, like the when japanese invaded the world with their harsh noise and americans tried to replicate to this aggression, the only comment was “that’s because it’s the shit I love”. So if you missed super fast harsh hyperactive cut-up noise without pompous seriousness, well…”

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