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SADE205 - DEVELOPER - - C23 (I love Mathew Reis’ work for years and like good alchool, I guess his shit goes better and better. I loved Teeth Collection a lot, but I guess Developer is just one zillion steps forward… Developer is one hell of a crazy beast, one distinctive aural animal. This crazy blend of harsh metallic manipulation and cut up sounds are blended in such a wonderful way and this release is no exception to the impressive catalogue of mr Reis… Sweet stuff that only can come from Ohio…)

SADE204 - CHARLES BARABÉ - Lieu - C23 (I always wondered why no experimental underground artists from Victoriaville, Quebec, ever emerged with force as this small city in the middle of Quebec is the host of one of the most know experimental music festival for decades. That was until I received a package from Charles Barabé’s insane label La Cohu some years ago, that started my love for this killer label with mostly Barabé’s great recordings. On his solo works, Barabé uses his synthesizer going from straight loud manipulation to more new agey sounds. On Lieu, Barabé delivers a more noisy recording, maybe to fit with the KVLT, but with his own way to perform with his machine… That’s the Victo Style…)

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