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Hey, let’s celebrate the comming of WINTER with 4 new releases on the now decade old Brise-Cul Records…


SADE 184 - WAPSTAN - c.r.a.i.n.t.e.s. - 3″ CDR (On this new chapter, Wapstan experiment with oscillators to create a dense release of unralenting haunted noise. More constructed than most recent Wapstan releases, this release is a kind of tribute to some of my personnal faves that helped forged my noise tastes with the common hypothermic treatment…)

5$ PPD, free with orders… Free download soon availlable…


SADE 183 - A SNAKE IN THE GARDEN - Paralysis and Leaving The Body - c23 tape (On this new PÜR KVLT tape, A Snake In The Garden delivers 2 great slab of sharp metal manipulations with a surgeon approach. The result is a very intense release of pure metallic chaps with very few effects. ASITG is among my favourite project and having such a quality release on the PÜR KVLT series is an honour…)


SADE 182 - MINIBLOC - s/t - C40 tape (Among Montréal’s finest and most well kept secret in experimental music, there is Minibloc. Comprised of two electro-accoustic deviants, Minibloc creates sounds from many varied sources in a unique way that is appart from the snob ethic of institutional artists and the seriousness of wannabe artists. On this release comprised of 2 live recordings, Minibloc presents 2 different aspects of their personnality. One louder and direct and one more minimal and quiet. The result is avery great document of one of the most interesting act in Montréal…)


SADE 178 - NAME YOUR POISON - demo - C23 (On this new addition to the PÜR KVLT series, here’s my best friend’s hardcore band. Name Your Poison is a direct NYHC-influenced hardcore from Saguenay in Northern Quebec. Expect a simple hardcore à la Agnostic Front with a “Fuck You” attitude. Here’s the deal : 5 songs, 5 minutes, 8 minutes of silence… This recording is particulary overbassed, you’ve been warned…)

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