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3 New C-23 on Brise-Cul : R. Ramirez, PCRV, A. Brandal

Here’s 3 new installments in our C-23 tape series :


SADE 196 - RICHARD RAMIREZ - GAGHOLE - C23 (I’ve been a big fan of Houston noise veteran Richard Ramirez since I’ve been into noise in the 20th century. His uncompromised type of noise always impressed me by it’s “love it or leave it” attitude that drew legions of fans with years and proved that it is the way do noise. So, if you about the works of Ramirez, you know what you might expect on this C-23, uncompromising minimal junk manipulation at very high level and nothing more. Nothing… The way it should be…)

SADE 197 - ANDREAS BRANDAL - THE BOOK OF GATES - C-23 (Norway’s Andreas Brandan has created one of the most interesting corpus of dense atmospheric sounds around. His works manage to deliver a good part of bleak atmosphere and heaviness, something very few can truly dose well. On this contribution to the C-23 series, Brandal produced a composition in 4 pieces of strong dark electronic sounds with some cold rhythmic object manipulations. Cold grim sounds from the North the way only Northmen can do…)

SADE 198 - PCRV - BARRAGE - C-23 (Montana’s PCRV is one of the earlier collaborator on Brise-Cul (our first release with him was the 40 Watt Womb CDR, SADE 013 in 2003) and is still one of my favorite noisemaker and good personal buddy. So it’s just was just a normal to me to add him the C-23 series. On this release, PCRV provides something very different from what he has done in the past as well as still doing his trademark sound. The release consist a very smart dose of digital noise, a genre of noise that is snobbed by many due to the potential suckiness of, but as PCRV is one hell of a great sound manipulator, he managed to deliver 2 fast, dense and loud composition that shows us a good lesson in noise, that digital noise can be a truly interesting genre… Reminds me also of the work of another great Montana digital noiser, DCLXVI and late Thirdorgan releases…)

5$ each + postage (Canada : 2$/tape, World : 3$/tape)

GET all 3 for 15$ PPD World until the end of March…

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