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Diablo/Wapstan Split C40 - Orgone

I’m really proud to announce the release of a long planned split release of Wapstan with Bob Bellerue’s Diablo project. The idea of a split release themed about Orgone came around 2011 when Bob came to Montréal and played Brise-Cul’s 10th anniversary gig with his infamous band KILT, but here it is… On his part, Diablo delivers a lenghty sonic tonic experiment composition named “Orgone Waves” and Wapstan delivers a 4 part composition featuring loops, tape collage and heavy concrete noise in the pure tradition of the Nordic Noise named “Orgone Of The North”. Dubbed in a generously high level this lovely tape, the result is a very strong meeting that will please every Wilhelm Reich noise fans…

7$ Canada - 8$ World PPD
Will be availlable digitally on Bandcamp in the next week!