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SADE 181 - GHIDRAH - The Guitar Years - CDR (Ghidrah is a the three headed beast made of 3 of the most powerful experimental drone artists in Montréal, Eric Quach (Thisquietarmy), Martin Dumais (AUN) and Reuel Ordonez (Maggot Breeder, also member of the powerful metal band Squalor). On The Guitar Years, their first release ever, ironically, Ghidrah’s member, usually known for their guitar works dropped their guitar for different instrumentation. The result is a very dark ethereal ambient soundscape recorded live at Casa Del Popolo.)

Listen to some at


SADE 180 - VELVET CHROME - Stones - C23 (On this new instalment of the Pür KVLT c-23 series, here’s one of the most interesting montrealese duo. Formed of couple Francesco De Gallo (of Hobo Cube/Pradada and the Hobo Cult label) and Jane L. Kassowicz, this duo creates a very intriguing, rocking, beautiful sounds with a raw lo-fi enveloppe to please the most adventurous listeners and challenge the less adventurous. Velvet Chrome represent in my head one the very best of the current Montréal underground, so this tape represent a good introduction to the Montréal underground of 2011…)

2 New PÜR KVLT Tapes : Wapstan + Roman Pilates

Here’s two PÜR KVLT KOLD KANADIAN TAPES for these warm summer days :


SADE 177 - WAPSTAN - PAYSAGE INCONQUIS - C23 (On Paysage inconquis (unconquered landscape), Wapstan takes its recent sounds explorations into more elevative path. Based on empowered field recordings, this new releases is comprised of two long tracks of unrelenting repetitive stomps of heavy sounds fighting to take over long nordic growls. Wapstan’s typical cold Hypothermic Drones takes a heavier and more old school sound on this… Recorded with tapes and on tapes, no digital retouche, only analogue crunch for your KVLT pleasure)

BTW, this what was played on the recent West Coast tour like on this video (that cuts when it’s getting heavier) :


SADE 155 (PÜR KVLT 005) - ROMAN PILATES - BLADES OF STEEL - C23 (On this series comprised of Pür KVLT sounds, my man Roman Pilates from the beautiful city of Toronto (ex-Disguises leader and main guru of Wintage Records) bring you a mad concoction of noise created in his mad science lab. Crunchy lo-fi tooth gratting noise made with metal fucking and gizmo desecrating. This is pure junk noise!)

New On Brise-Cul : Léopard Et Moi - L’Amour de la Nature


SADE 0167 Léopard et Moi - L’amour de la nature - C50 cassette - (Here’s the long awaited release from one of the most well kept secret in Montréal. Léopard et Moi is the all-star band of the La Brique collective. This release was recorded some years ago by Dave Bryant of a very famous Montréal band’s fame and was mastered by well-known master Harris Newman. Lost for a while in La Brique’s Vault, Brise-Cul is very proud to bring it to the world on tape format. This release is very dense warm enthno-prog rock with a very sharp musician execution flying in a cold old-school new age atmosphere. So if you like very adventurous instrumental prog bathing in synth, this will be an instant classic. This is a very anticipated local release that most of the first edition of 50 went sold out on the releasing show… Members also play in very interesting local Montréal acts like Panopticon Eyelids, Les Momies de Parlerme, Littoral, Essaie Pas and tons of others…)

7$ + postage on

Download included and Album will be availlable soon for download on Bandcamp… (sample from this album can be heard there)

Availlable at L’Oblique, Atom Heart and Chap Thrills in Montréal…


In 2011, Brise-Cul is celebrating its 10 years of endless underground activities… What a good way to start this year of celebration with a long awaitd release :


SADE 166 - PETER J. WOODS/WAPSTAN - split - CDR (In the last years, there are very few artits that I thought were unique and challenging within the current noise scene like Peter J. Woods. . I like the way PJW is playing his own game with his personnal take on intense sound construction, not like all thoses who come only to do it like every other people do. That’s why I invited him to share a piece of plastic with Wapstan. On this release, Woods, is playing a long (for a split part) rollercoaster of sounds that goes from heavy sounds to ambient sounds and everything between while Wapstan performs a long grainy saturated manipulation of winter field recordings featuring some dark guests that complete very well the first player’s part… Although I’m not very objective on this, I may say that this release is a very good fluid meeting and the medium helps it…)

Bummer in the winter…

WAPSTAN - HYPOTHERMIC BABY - C23 (Influenced by classic raw minimal psych rock and pure fucking harsh noise, Wapstan take his recently developped harsh noise in a new rocking ground… This is basically the first ever Wapstan recording using guitar. The meditative over-fuzzed psychedelic axe sound is heavily searching its way in a sea of crusted noise to make a vital KVLT heavy lo-fi mono rocking noise release… Perfect sound to drag a vital force in the middle of the PURE KVLT WINTER… Two tracks, one love…)

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Out on Brise-Cul : ÉLÉMENT KUUDA - Flight - C40

Here’s the first of a series on Brise-Cul involving very underrated Montréal acts :

SADE162 - ÉLÉMENT KUUDA - FLIGHT - C-40 (Since the first time I saw him performed with a mountain of tapes many years ago, Élément Kuuda always been one of my fave performer in Montréal. Element Kuuda plays a very special kind of experimental music. His heavy use of analogue recordings and digital structures gives his sounds a very mature and rich sound made from many techniques taken from electronic music’s rich history altogether butwith a primilary use of tapes in different ways. This very rich full lenght tape consist of 2 long sharp compositions that will elevates your soul like a plane in a dream… First edition of 60 tapes)


7$ + postage

You can listen to the release at :

October crust : 2 new WAPSTAN releases to prepare winter…

As there was snow in Québec here last week-end, here’s 2 new releases to prepare the ceremny for another KVLT solar winter… Both are now availlable for 2 for 7$ via Brise-Cul or 5$ each + postage or ABSOLUTELY FREE to download at :

These are 2 very different releases but in the always cold way of the traditional hypothermic art of the North…

SADE 163 - WAPSTAN - WINTER IS WAR - CDR (Open wide, Winter is War explores the vastness of the hyperboreal noise. Junk metal-oriented, this releases explores the harsher sides of Wapstan, a side uncommonly used on recording. Two tracks, 30 minutes of wars)

SADE 165 - WAPSTAN - OLD AGE - CDR (This is Wapstan’s answer to the lousy neo-new age hippy shit that corrupts the youth of today. Old Age is a tribute to the blasting synth of back in the days, to the raw sounds of yester years and the limitless fearful sounds of early electronics. Pulsing oscillating sounds made for headbanging freaks, high tones to enter your nerves and loud frequencies to finish you. This is possibly the most beat oriented release by Wapstan but in the cold traditional hypotherimic way. One track 24 minutes.)

And for  the first time, you have the choice to either get the 2 releases for 7$ or one for 5$ or to get them for fucking free…

Fuck the South…

KVLT SUMMER UPDATE 2010 - 3 new releases

Summer KVLT offerings :

SADE 152 - SELFISH IMPLOSIONS - RADICAL - C23 - (The return of Montréal’s premier power electronics act after 2 years of hiatus. 5 track, 2 old and 3 new… xSxIx took the aggression further, in a radical way… Leg breakers unites! Limited to 42 - Part of Brise-Cul’s PÜR KVLT series)


SADE 151 - GRAND NORD - QUATORZE - C23 - (First release in one year, first recording in nearly 2… One metal fucking track on one side and one remash of classic material on the other… Limited to 20 - Part of Brise-Cul’s PÜR KVLT series)


SADE 143 - HOBO CUBES - GLASS DREAM FUSION - CDR (I love when new kids emerges and bring a new draft of energy in the scene. Hobo Cubes is one of the new torch bearer of the Montréal experimental underground scene. Also member of Velvet Chrome and running his insanely great label, this project is dirty new school new age with a big solar and tenseful atmsphere Perfect for your summer homicide cleanup… Seriously a name to not forget for the near future…)


Quelques concerts…



SADE 150 - WAPSTAN - MONOLITH THUNDER - C20 (This is Brise-Cul catalogue SADE150. This is the first tape on Brise-Cul since 2006′ Double Dungeon tape and the very first Wapstan tape to be released on the KVLT. Why not jump into the pure raw monolithic cold KVLT hypothermic drones of Wapstan at its purest form to correct this small mistake in history. Following the cold path taken at Stoneham, Wapstan takes you deeper in the frost way… Pure KVLT hypothermic drones for the frozen noises fanatics… Limited to 42 copies, many already gone…

5$ in person

7$ PPD in Concacalf zone, 8 in the rest of the world
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