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May 28th @Casa : Realicide, ttttttttttttttttt, Selfish Implosions, Magic Beach


SADE 141 - WAPSTAN - Stoneham - (Depending on your point of view, Stoneham can be the point of arrival from a long rite of passage or the entrance of it. Following the abyssmal discharge of last year’s “Le Peuple Du Grand Noir” Wapstan, expand it’s cold roots in the loud, cold and vast way that will drive you to your inner frost. Based on cold field recordings and recorded without any effects or digital retouche and mastered by Grkzgl for your hypothermic pleasure…)


SADE 136 - DIE ENTWEIHUNG - The Hallucinations (Although I’m a big fan of black metal for years and years, I feel that this genre often fall in the “meh” category… Lack of creativity or of distinction, genericness, lack of KVLT, name all the feeling that you feel when you ear a very bad black metal act and with times, it seems that there are more and more legions of VNKVLT black metal… But here’s something KVLT. Die Entweihung is coming from what the belivers calls the Holy Lands and deliver one dose of very EPIC BLACK METAL. No other word than epic describes this vast dose of weird synth experiments, high screaming guitars, agonizing beats and unholy vocals… Think late-70’s synth music under the influence of Bathory and intoxicants… KVLT fans of vast epic black metal need this… The rest can listen to all the other suburban teenager in his bedroom that pollutes the black metal scene…)


SADE 140 - GMACKRR - Meditative Part 6-13 (Gmackrr is without any doubt one of Montréal’s finest import/export of the last years. She is one of the best artist to work with and she is producing one hell of fine experiments… On this second release on Brise-Cul, she follow the path of this first release, 2008’s Meditative Part 1-5. Expect some very soulful synth experiments to elevate your soul…)


SADE 134 - CHANSONS D’AMOUR - L’Album (Chansons D’Amour is one of the best match-up in recent years to clean Montreal’s lousy earwax. On this first album, Chansons d’Amour is the combo of 2 regular Brise-Cul recording artists, Cabral Jacobs who delivers his ultra-fine free jazz saxophones and Grkzgl who provides his powerful discharge of harsh noise. The result is a very very harsh cocophonous dialogue between the two belligerents. The duo have since been expanded to a trio with John Brennan on drums to please more your ears, but this recording is a very good document of the primal scream of this very good new Montreal act. One of the harshest release that ever been done on Brise-Cul since the launching of the label in 2001…)


SADE 137 - LES GUSTAVO KUERTEN - Massage Automate II (You know, when you think your scene is a borign thing with only a circle of old farts, there’s new spirited people that came to reminds you how cool it is to be involved in a local scene. Les Gustavo Kuerten are like this, very enthousiast and supportive people that will make you smile. I love these guys since they are very open to weird stuff, like when they showed up on one of my Organic Noise Afternoons as a full psych band in the middle of a park on a sunny saturday afternoon to play one of the best rock set in the middle of families, children and poeple walking with their dogs… This is a short psych recording that is a very good introduction to this punch in the face choas of these very cool dudes from Montréal…


SADE 132 - ça - s/t (ça (pronounced saw) was recorded in 2008 and is a collection of sounds taken from various microcassette tapes played without effects and under the inluence of intoxicants… The result is a weird trip into stuff i recorded everywhere and anywhere with one my favourite instrument, my Sony microcassette recorder.)


Every releases are on typical Brise-Cul Style spraypainted CDR to separate the true KVLT people off the VNKVLT ones…


SADE 132 – Ayal Senior – History Deletes Itself (Toronto’s prolific guitar player notably known for his intense jam collaboration with the late John Fahey released a couple of years ago on Important under the 3 Days Band moniker hits the Brise-Cul camp with a very soulful releases. From long guitar drones to kraut-rock like jams and long bluesy jams, Ayal Senior bring you in a journey of dense creativity. —-  Ayal Senior est un guitariste Toronto très prolifique notamment connu pour ses enregistrements en compagnie du légendaire guitariste John Fahey lancé sous le nom 3 Days Band il y a quelques années sous l’étiquette Important. Sur ce disque, Ayal Senior nous offre un disque créatif riche en sonorités allant des longs jams drones à la guitare jusqu’au son «Kraut» rappelant les légendaires Edgar Froese et Manuel Göttsching en passant par des sons plus blues.)

SADE 131 – Scant Intone – Swift Current (Our favorite digital experimental artist is back on Brise-Cul for the first time since 2006’s La Salle d’Attente. This time, the now-based in Vancouver artist is back with a collection of 4 very long and dense digital drones constructions. —- Notre artiste digital préféré est de retour sur Brise-Cul pour la première fois depuis le mini-cd La Salle D’Attente, lancé en 2006. Sur ce nouveau disque, l’artiste habitant maintenant Vancouver nous livre 4 pièces denses et riches de musique “drone” digitales )

SADE 094 – Shpilberg – Goldfish – (Reissue of one of the most obscure Brise-Cul release from 2008. Chaotic yet catchy noise rock from this now defunct Quebec City KVLT rock band! —- Ré-édition d’un des disques les plus obscures du catalogue de Brise-Cul. Maintenant séparé, le groupe Shpilberg de Québec jouait un noise-rock autant puissant qu’envoutant bien documenté dans ce disque mémorable.)

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Brise-Cul/BB OKTOBR FRVST update : 2 new KVLT offerings

Hey, here’s a very harsh and evil extreme update with 2 killer releases :

Out on Brise-Cul:

SADE 130 - NEIGE & NOIRCEUR - PHILOSOPHIE DES ARTS OCCULTES - CDR (Brand new recording from this master of dark epic black metal. Going from epic stoic black metal to loud evil ambiance always wrapped in a cold ambiance. Digital version will be available through Alien8. Fans of Paysage d’Hiver, Menace Ruine or maybe some Drudkh should take notes…)

Out on Boner Brigade :
SK8 004 BARON GRIPTAPE - BARON GRIPTAPE IS BACK (Boner Brigade is proud to announce that we had news of Montreal’s legend Baron Griptape. The true master of skate power electronics is back after some problems with society. On this new recording, the Baron goes back to the pure death industrial style he explored in the 90 and exposes his contempt for society. This is PURE HATEFULL ANALOG POWER ELECTRONICS… Watch your skatepark, the baron is back… Come in a bubble enveloppe with press release and bios and an audio document of pure hatred…)

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4 New Brise-KVLT : Wapstan, Red Mass, Chris Burns, KVIK

Here’s 4 new KVLT Summer Montreal releases :

SADE 123 - RED MASS - MULE STONE - CDR - (Born out of the ashes of one of Montreal’s most devastating rock import CPC Gangbang, Red Mass push the limits of rock’n'roll at some crazy ambitious levels. Red Mass have a core of 8 members and often more to explore a lot of sides of rock’n'roll. This release contains a more industrial track and 2 psych punk track. the 20 minutes title track will satisfy the hunger of any stoner psych punkers…

SADE 127 - KVIK - FEEDS - CDR - (For this third release on Brise-Cul, KVIK develops a more mature sound in my sense. This project that constitutes maybe the mose underrated one in Montreal explorers more rythmic structures while keeping on the loud droney sound he’s pleasing us with for a while.

SADE 128 - CHRIS BURNS - FEEDBACK TABARNAK - CDR (Brise-Cul reissue of a 2006 self-released recycled tape only availlable in Montreal’s Distroboto Machine. This is one of my favourite release that was made in the last year and the ephemere nature of it made me ask legendary Montreal axeman Chris Burns for a re-release. This insane release consist of 2 long tracks of a very telented guitarist exploring many sounds coming form his guitar behind a big wall of feedback. Unusual manipualtion, cavernous sounds and direct atmosphere make this release unique in its genre. We discuss about this release for years, so now that it’s out, jump on this KVLT recording…

WAPSTAN - LE PEUPLE DU GRAND NOIR - CDR (This is something like Wapstan’s return to the earlier more cold, more ambient sound. This field recording-based release is a tribute to the cold dark oceanic abyss, the great black world. One word : KVLT. Limited to very few copies and many wre already gone, you’ve been warned…


I.T.F.O.R. was my zine from 1999 to 2003. I stopped doing it due to the lost of the interest in it… But my interest in printed zine always remained…

The idea of making a new issue travelled my head for over a year but the interest in covering music is still not there. This a 100% visual zine with exclusives collages.

The idea is to make an old school zine in the way it always should have been. A 16 pages xerox tribute to 80’s politicians, hardcore punk, thrash metal, contempt for authority, worldwide violence, Montreal Canadiens, everyday life and urbanism…

Word are meaningless in a society constantly dancing around volcanoes…


IN THE FENCE OF REALITY #9 is 3$ ppd or free with Brise-Cul orders, 2$ in person…

BRISE-CUL’s July KVLT New Releases

Summer’s here, get high and listen to these tiltes while waiting for winter…

Out on Brise-Cul Records


SADE 122 - Rei Rea - Quel Que - CDR (Rei Rea is one big ball of pure heavy vitalist energy coming from the bleak suburbs of Montreal. On this second release on Brise-Cul after the split with Wapstan (recorded in 2007, release in late 2008), Rei Rea goes further on the exploration of heavy industrial drones that made this project known for. Rei Rea is now at such a point of maturity that he is playing live and this is a big new break that we can feel on his new sound. That made this already impressive project one step forward in the key names in the Montreal experimental underground


SADE 121 - Disguises - s/t - 2CDR (You were wondering why there was no releases from Disguises on Brise-Cul? Because it had to be a freaking insane release. I’m am very proud to finally announce the release of the biggest puzzle on Brise-Cul after 2 years of waiting. This 2CDR set contain a full CDR of Disguises demolition derby noise rock at its cavernous best and a CDR with 4 members playing their wack solo project. Man Made Hill play weird tape manipualtions and strange percussions while 13 Moons freeze you up with his full bong of distortion and Roman Pilates rolls a big discharge of killer noise. The ending with Kapali Carsi’s 3 insane tracks will end you up if you are not already dead after this 2 CDR full of pure Toronto-style KVLT)


SADE 120 - GRAND NORD - Treize - CDR (13th release of Pure Metal Fuking noise from GRAND NORD)

Out on Boner Brigade :


SK8 003 - Slam Nihil - Pulse Ramp - CDR (First solo release from Selfish Implosions member Slam Nihil. Harsh pre-X-Games unadultrated style synth pulses… Another no pads slab of skate noise on Boner Brigade)

BRISE-CUL Prepares for playoff, 2 new releases + 1 distro stuff

Yeah, here’s the 2 first releases of 2009 as well as another Wapstan release from another label :

SADE 117 - WAPSTAN - Temps de Glace - CDR (This is the first proper Wapstan release on Brise-Cul since 2007’s The Gallery. Temps de Glace is the assemblage of 5 exercices of direct synth action in the hypothermic sense of the extatic of frost. No time for weak emotions, time is for a sincere dirge of cold electronics in the Wapstan style… This is a dedicated recording for all the tr00 hypothermic drones fans… When was the last time you were stuck in an electronic storm?)


SADE 118 - chefkirk - Typical Locations - CDR (This is the third release in 5 years on Brise-Cul for this prolific minimal electronics artist known as chefkirk. Still true to his typical sound, the now living in Portland artist known as chefkik delivers here a very strange minimal electronics release. This release is like trying to find the nirvana in the reception and emission of data, in the impersonnal feelings of the informational society… But it is more than this, it’s a chefkirk release with typical trademark minimal use of comon electronics in such an efficient way that you stay impressed about the banal use of very common devices. And that’s what always impressed me, chefkirk don’t want to impress you with all the gears he have,he barely used 3-4 pedals, the one you all use, but there is no way you can use it in a better way, I’m pretty sure…


Plus one new distro stuff (e-mail if you want to mailorder for shipping rates) :

PT-56 - WAPSTAN - Wild Stars and Fighting Saints - Tape (Released on Minnesota’s Phage Tapes, Wild Stars and Fighting Saints is dedicated to the history of hockey in this cold State of Minnesota. This release is in the way of the series of Wapstan tapes released in 2008-2009. Two long doomy ice presences with cold surgical crosschecks and a fearful hypothermic execution… Minnesota deserved that kind of cold tribute…)


Stuff should be in local stores this week

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YEAH, to celebrate winter!!!

SADE 111 - WAPSTAN/REI REA - split 2 - CDR (Second split between Côte-Des-Neiges’ reigning lord of coldnes and Longueuil’s underground industrial king. Wapstan’s part is a direct cold atmosphere trademark’s sound recorded in the way Wapstan’s previous project Foutredieu!!! was mastered and recorded in order to expend your hypothermic experience. Rei Rea’s part was recorded a little while ago and is a strong bleak vision of what is a suburban life. If you heard the first split on Rei Rea’s Crater Records, this is a totally different mood but still the same hyperactive loud protagonists…)

SADE 112 - THAMES - XIII - CDR (The Moskos/Hargreaves duo is for sure one of Montréal’s best underground export. We discussed about it for a while and here it is, after a solo release by each member of the duo, Brise-Cul is proud to present you Thames XIII, the final installment of a long long advrenture that started with a boxed set of 5 CDR and that also feature many live releases and some mix tapes and crazy jams. What a great way to close this with a monumental jam of analogue instrumentation with the perfection and mastery that the duo have proven in the past (yeah just writing this, how many killer memories of insane shows come to mind). The band’s not dead, it’s just that unlike Danzig they decided to stop somewhere…  “I was born to bring trouble wherever i’m at, with the number ‘13′ tattooed on my neck. That ink starts to itch, black gon’ turn to red…”)

SADE 113 - KANIN KRUSETE - Black Bile - 3″ (Harsh and pissed Power Electronics/loud ambient from Lowell, Massachusetts. I think of all the stuff I heard recently, this is one of the very very few that impressed me, so impressive that it really deserved a release on Brise-Cul. You know, this is one of the releases that have an urgent need to punch you in the face, you’ve been warned!!!)

SADE 115 - DIAGRAM A - S/T - CDR (Do you remember the first time you saw Diagram A live? I bet because it’s one thing noibody can forget… I think very few people in the noise scene deserve the term unique than this criminally underrated noise king. On this piece of plastic, you can hear a good half hour of Providence’s best electronician with a brand new console he buiuld out of switches, knobs, metal, junk… You know… What made me laugh last time I stayed at Dan’s place it was that he washappy to mention that he lives close to a Radio Shack. That’s seriously a good neighbour to have when your Diagram A. Well, do I have to mention that this is a kind of essential release?)

SADE 116 - WOMEN IN TRAGEDY - The End Of Always - CDR (Women in Tragedy I think is a name was spread all along the way since the first time I played with him like 3 years ago… Changes sometimes are in a good way, WIT is now more melodic, more emotionnal but it still has the great sound we love from this leading Toronto Drone/Shoegaze artist… Very very different from our first release, 2006’s Tragic Life, but very similar to his recent stuff but with a very intense emotional personnal vibe… I think Women In Tragedy has now reach a form of maturity that very few will reach and that you felt it was just in an embryonic phase earlier on… On of my favourite release by one of my favourite artist, I think it’s a privilege to have this release on Brise-Cul…)

Also out on Boner Brigade :
SK8 002 - SELFISH IMPLOSIONS - SKATING ST-HENRI - 3″ (Very harsh jam intoxicated in St-Henri’s Neighbourhood of Montréal from the Power Skating grinders, so harsh that the folks at Boner Brigade decided to release it on a limited 3″ just for your pleasure. Many of your favourites sing along are on it as well as new future classics that will be rerecorded soon and some you may not hear anywhere else… A must for all of our fans!)

5$ each plus postage(e-mail or look at our website), you can have the whole batch for 25$ PPD

Most of these titles as well as older titles will be availlable very soon at Cheap Thrills and Atom Heart in Montreal as well as through C3 records in Toronto and through our website…

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Be ready to make you best grimm statue action, here’s the first infamous Black Metal only batch of Brise-Cul records. I’ve been working on this for a while, I’m very proud to announce you the release of these KVLT Black Metal titles :

SADE 094 - MORNE/NIGHT -split CDR - (For thos who like their black metal cold, I bet you haven’t heard a lot of black metal from colder grounds that reflectsits origins. These two black metal acts are coming from the northern inhabited part of Québec and know all about what is cold and grimm, more than you are nearly close to expect. Morne is from the entry of the majestif fjord of Saguenay, the same land where I am born and delivers a pure aural chaotic abrasion of metal with a great dose of emotion and evilness. Night is from Sept-îles and is a member of the band Mortuas! Sept-îles is one city in the north of Quebec where you are kind of obligated to have a peaceful relation with the nature and where you have to love extreme stuff to entertain you during the long cold winter. This one man act is playing black metal in the cold majestic way only tr00 metalers from the North can play! You’ve been warned, this is for the die hard north worshipers and evil blasphematers!!!)

SADE 108 - ZARACH ‘BAAL’ THARAGH/DEAD MOUNTAIN – split CDR – (On our second release with France dirty raw master Zarach ‘Baal’ Tharagh, we let him encounter the unholy Dead Mountain from New Jersey. On this recording from 2003, Zarach ‘Baal’ Tharagh delivers a freaking insane slab of insanity that only him ca give us. Razor sharp guitars dirty beats and asylum escaped vocals will scare the shit out of you… Known for their tape on the amazing Husk Records, Dead Mountain is more into the old school traditional necro side of the metal. This KVLT meeting will please all those into the disgusting and the sombre side of the human heart…)

Also available : SADE 092 - ZARACH “BAAL” THARAGH –Demo V– CDR

SADE 105 – DRAUGLUIN/MOONCULT – split CDR (Those who know well their history of real KVLT black metal know the importance of Hellenic black metal! I just can have nostalgia of my teen age when me and my friends used to headbang to the great Necromantia while getting drunk. Anyway, as a tribute to my love to Hellenic black metal, here’s a split between 2 new forces of pure KVLT Hellenic black metal. In the pure tradition of bands with Tolkienesque name, Draugluin explore the more occult side of the evil of the black metal genre, you know, the one with lyrics you don’t understand about, while Mooncult delivers pure insane slabs of lycanthropic black metal! United under the sign of the wolf, these two great Hellenic acts proudly bear the torch of their country’s black metal legacy!)

Don’t forget to include Postage! (otherwise your cash will be returned)
For international Orders : 3$ For the first 3 CDs

1$ per 2 CD after 4 CDs

Canada : 2$ per 3 CDs (so if you live in Montreal save on trying to catch me!)

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