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Be ready to make you best grimm statue action, here’s the first infamous Black Metal only batch of Brise-Cul records. I’ve been working on this for a while, I’m very proud to announce you the release of these KVLT Black Metal titles :

SADE 094 - MORNE/NIGHT -split CDR - (For thos who like their black metal cold, I bet you haven’t heard a lot of black metal from colder grounds that reflectsits origins. These two black metal acts are coming from the northern inhabited part of Québec and know all about what is cold and grimm, more than you are nearly close to expect. Morne is from the entry of the majestif fjord of Saguenay, the same land where I am born and delivers a pure aural chaotic abrasion of metal with a great dose of emotion and evilness. Night is from Sept-îles and is a member of the band Mortuas! Sept-îles is one city in the north of Quebec where you are kind of obligated to have a peaceful relation with the nature and where you have to love extreme stuff to entertain you during the long cold winter. This one man act is playing black metal in the cold majestic way only tr00 metalers from the North can play! You’ve been warned, this is for the die hard north worshipers and evil blasphematers!!!)

SADE 108 - ZARACH ‘BAAL’ THARAGH/DEAD MOUNTAIN – split CDR – (On our second release with France dirty raw master Zarach ‘Baal’ Tharagh, we let him encounter the unholy Dead Mountain from New Jersey. On this recording from 2003, Zarach ‘Baal’ Tharagh delivers a freaking insane slab of insanity that only him ca give us. Razor sharp guitars dirty beats and asylum escaped vocals will scare the shit out of you… Known for their tape on the amazing Husk Records, Dead Mountain is more into the old school traditional necro side of the metal. This KVLT meeting will please all those into the disgusting and the sombre side of the human heart…)

Also available : SADE 092 - ZARACH “BAAL” THARAGH –Demo V– CDR

SADE 105 – DRAUGLUIN/MOONCULT – split CDR (Those who know well their history of real KVLT black metal know the importance of Hellenic black metal! I just can have nostalgia of my teen age when me and my friends used to headbang to the great Necromantia while getting drunk. Anyway, as a tribute to my love to Hellenic black metal, here’s a split between 2 new forces of pure KVLT Hellenic black metal. In the pure tradition of bands with Tolkienesque name, Draugluin explore the more occult side of the evil of the black metal genre, you know, the one with lyrics you don’t understand about, while Mooncult delivers pure insane slabs of lycanthropic black metal! United under the sign of the wolf, these two great Hellenic acts proudly bear the torch of their country’s black metal legacy!)

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