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New BRISE-CUL/BONER BRIGADE offerings : Gmackrr, Knurl, xSxIx, E.E, GN

Now out on Boner Brigade Records

SK8- 001 – SELFISH IMPLOSIONS – Demo – CDR – (Here’s the long awaited first recording of Montréal’s favourite skatepark noise mayhem grinders Selfish Implosions. After a couple of memorable live explosions, the Implosions finally joined force in a Côte-Des-Neiges skate park to records this raw collection of 5 hymns to skate in a KVLT way. All the fans favourites are in, prepare your self for noise moshpits. This is for all the noise people who hates longboards, posers and people who wears pads and helmet. This is the true power electronics, power is in leisure and ultimate leisure is skateboarding… Pure thrashing artwork by band member Autodestrukt… Here’s your chance of being part of the Boner Brigade!

Now out on Brise-Cul Records

SADE 107 – GMACKRR – Méditative – CDR (Everybody in the Montréal circle knows the great person under the moniker of Gmackrr. Emilie Mouchous arrived from France in the Montreal streets a couple of years ago and she performed many fantastic and unique performances with a very great mixture of emotions and great sense of composition. Many of her performance are unique, sometimes with bended toys, laptop or analogue synth. On this long-awaited release on Brise-Cul, mme Mouchous go more on the melodic synth drone side. As the title suggests, Méditative is a collection of melodic analogue meditations to elevate you mind to. When you repeat listening over and over again you will end up being higher near nirvana!

SADE 106 – E.E – Anhedonia – CDR (On Anhedonia, Cleveland’s E.E is delivering a huge monolith masterpiece of vast pounding drones. This one tracks, 40 minutes release created with sources given to E.E from Emeralds/Lilypad menaceman John Eliott will leave you in a deep in the middle of a vast world of fear and emptiness. The good part of it is that the whole release is a big progressive monster, so if you’re into claustrophobic audio suspense, you’ll stop everything you do to listen and sweat in fear… Typical Ohio style! The one we all love!

SADE 099 – GRAND NORD – Neuf – 3” CDR (Another very limited slab of pure metal fucking… Very few left! E-mail for availability!)

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